Pro-Life Sunday 2017

Pro-Life Sunday 2017

Posted by Reverend Thomas Vander Woude,

As we recall on January 22nd the infamous decision of a few male judges in 1973 to legalize the killing of unborn babies, it is good for us to ponder what we can do.  Yes, we just witnessed the inauguration of a new president – yes, he is not perfect.  However, he has pledged to be pro-life for the unborn.  There are plenty of reasons he was voted into office.  Let us pray that he and those around him have the prudence and courage to defend the unborn (and their mothers).

A few years ago I used the below column.  It seemed appropriate today.

Two of the questions every one of us will be asked by Our Lord on Judgment Day are, “What did you do for the least in your midst – the unborn baby and his mother?  What did you do to help post-abortive mothers come to My Mercy?”  There are three activities we can be a part of that will answer Our Lord’s question positively: prayer, penance and action.

Prayer: Mass is the greatest prayer wherein each person should have an intention for the Mass.  Why not make a private intention at Mass – on a particular day each week - for the conversion of the doctors, politicians and parents involved in abortion?  Perhaps, we can offer a family Rosary once a week – and others individually - for the rid of the scourge of abortion from our land and world and the conversion of those involved in it.  On January 23rd, we can spend a holy hour at the church if we are not able to attend the March for Life.  We should recall the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s explanation of his conversion to Catholicism (after having performed over 70,000 abortions and led the National Abortion Rights Action League at the time of Roe v. Wade) that he knew the people outside his abortuary were praying for him!

Penance: Jesus said that some sins are only overcome by prayer AND penance.  He Redeemed the world through suffering.  What can I sacrifice this year, this Lent, each week and each day for the conversion of those involved in abortion?  Can I offer my daily pains for the rid of the scourge of abortion from our land and world?

Action: Jesus acted to Redeem the world from sin!  We must do the same to rid the world of abortion.  Men, especially, must use their masculine spirit to defend women and unborn babies.  Women must use their feminine spirit to nurture and care for pregnant mothers in difficult circumstances.  All of us should employ true Christian love that has brought so many in the abortion industry to conversions: i.e. Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) is now Catholic.  Can we support pregnant mothers in crisis to have their babies?  Can we demand chaste and pure activity from our teens, friends?  Can we perform a simple act as walking down the street in our nation’s capital to remind our country and legislators that abortion kills innocent children and emotionally scars mothers for life?!

God bless