Pentecost Sunday 2020

Pentecost Sunday 2020

Posted by Reverend Thomas Vander Woude,

Pentecost Sunday 2020 saw a ‘re-birth’ of sorts in our parish.  This was the weekend that we could once again have public Masses!

Pentecost often termed the ‘Birthday of the Church’. Yes, Jesus had founded the Catholic Church with Peter and the Apostles the first bishops.  However, they had not received the Holy Spirit to give them the wisdom, knowledge and courage to take the Faith into the world.  With the Coming of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles took Our Lord and His Truths to the world.  The same day they baptized thousands!

The last weekend of May, 2020 we were once again able to ‘bring Our Lord to the world’ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Yes, Jesus is really, truly and substantially present in the Holy Eucharist.  We were able to begin receiving Jesus a couple of weeks ago.  But, the Eucharist is not to be removed from the Mass.  For, it is only in the Mass that we have the Holy Eucharist.

The graces that flow from Jesus’ Sacrifice in the Mass are infinite because the Mass is the God-man’s Sacrifice to God, the Father.  What an opportunity is yours once again – recall we priests have been offering Mass every day since March 16th.  How can we receive the graces Jesus once to bestow upon us in Mass?

I would think one answer is fervor and focus.  After been prevented from attending Mass in person, many of you have said how you appreciate the Mass; being physically present at Mass!  Yes, fervor helps our focus.  Focus helps us pray the Mass; to be attentive to the prayers of the Mass; to be attentive to the readings; to recognize more deeply Jesus really present before us; to receive Him in Holy Communion with great love.

In Mass Our Lord offers us a greater share of His life in our souls.  The indwelling of the Blessed Trinity we refer to as sanctifying grace – God’s abiding presence in our souls.  This life of God in our souls endures long past Holy Communion.  It is this union with Our Lord in our souls where we find true peace, true joy.

Is it any coincidence that this Pentecost there has been so much division and strife in our country?  The Devil hates peace.  He constantly attempts to disrupt our peace of soul.  The effects of the Coming of God, the Holy Spirit are peace, joy and love – to name a few.  Pentecost is the Coming of God, the Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit to this land.  And renew the face of the earth.

God bless