Who We Are

young_adults1This ministry is centered on serving the spiritual and social needs of the young adults at Holy Trinity Parish, providing opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and Christ-centered conversation.

We strive to create a young Catholic community focused on Christ and encouraging each other in holiness through seeking to incorporate Him into every facet of our lives. Through monthly meetings, held on the second weekend of the month, we extend each young adult (ages 21-40) the opportunity to discuss important topics, meet other like-minded Christians, and enjoy wholesome fellowship. These adult socials occur on a rotating basis at parishioners' homes or public locations. There will also be opportunities for adults to incorporate their respective families into the mix at weekend events, such as hikes and bbq's, etc.

The ministry is now also offering a men’s adoration and pub night and a women's Bible study evening - please email us for more details.

We are excited to reach out to the parish and diocese! Please share this with fellow parishioners!

Our meetings are held on the second weekend of each month - please email us for more information.

Contact: Position Open


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