How to Register Your Son as an Altar Boy

ONE: You should both study and review the information below and the Holy Trinity Altar Boy Handbook, which will help your son learn the responsibilities, expectations and procedures of serving as an altar boy in a reverent and dignified manner. Please note: it is not necessary to memorize the entire handbook, but it is critical that your son knows the prayers, dress code and the behavioral expectations before serving. NOTE: The serving policies in this handbook are currently being edited and may change.

TWO: Complete the Altar Boy Application.

THREE: Once you have completed steps one and two you will be contacted about the training schedule. Training will typically take place twice per year in July and January.


Altar Boys 2012

Note: Holy Trinity will be maintaining the practice of Boys serving at the Altar. We would also like to reach out to the girls of the parish and include them in the Liturgical Life of our Parish. Girls who are in 5th grade and above who wish to read at the Liturgy each week can contact Joan Coleman at (703) 368-7989. Girls who would like to help with the linens and preparation of the Altar can become Sacristans and join the Altar Society, contact Mary Ellen VanderWoude at (703) 594-3457. Girls interested in joining the choir, contact Kathy Cumber at (703) 753-7791. Girls interested in becoming Greeters, contact Charlie Mallon at (703) 753-0532.

Welcome! Serving Father at the Altar is a great privilege and the information on this website and in our altar boy handbook will help you learn the responsibilities, expectations and procedures.

The Altar Boys have a special relationship with and work for our priests, but Father Vander Woude has assigned an Altar Boy coordinator, Mr. Tom Mead, to work with you on training, scheduling and enforcing the rules. If you or your parents have any questions please let the coordinator know.

It is the responsibility of the parents of boys wishing to serve to read the Holy Trinity Altar Boy Handbook, paying particular attention to the section on serving in a reverent and dignified manner.


Holy Trinity parish is honoring the long tradition and practice of having boys serve our priests at the Altar, and any boy who has received his First Holy Communion is eligible to be trained to become an Altar server.

Our parish is blessed to have both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass. The Ordinary Form is often known as the Novus Ordo and may be celebrated in Latin or English. This is the Mass that most of you are familiar with and at which you will typically serve.

The Extraordinary Form is often called the Traditional Latin, or Tridentine, Mass and is celebrated only in Latin.

Dress Code

Altar Boys from the time they receive Holy Communion through 8th grade wear the traditional black cassock and white surplice.

The more experienced boys in 9th grade and above wear the red cassock and white surplice and are known as Knights of the Altar, or just Knights. The Knights are responsible for training the younger boys, assigning duties at Mass, and instructing the boys after Mass on any mistakes made.

Boys should wear dark dress- or Dockers-style pants with dark socks and brown
or black (preferred) shoes.

Absolutely no jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops, etc.

If you are not dressed appropriately for serving, do not vest.

Boys wearing collared shirts must fold the collar down while serving so that it does not extend above the cassock—it looks sloppy at best and when wearing white shirts it often appears as a Roman collar.

Remember, you are in the Sanctuary when Christ is made present on the Altar.

Dress accordingly!