AdorationHoly Trinity's Adoration Society mission is to encourage parishioners to spend one hour a week in Eucharistic Adoration. Our beautiful adoration chapel is open for Eucharistic Adoration from 5pm Sunday - 9am Saturday.

Jesus invites everyone to spend one hour in Adoration with him. When you go before Him, He sees you; when you speak to Him, He hears you; when you confide something to Him, He welcomes into his Heart your every word; when you ask something of Him, He always hears your prayer.

It is indeed a privilege to have the Eucharistic Adoration available to us. We need a minimum of two people for each hour, and additional Adorers are needed. Like Popes John XXIII and John Paul II before him, Pope Benedict XVI is a strong proponent of frequent Eucharistic Adoration. Let us all respond to Jesus’ admonition, “Could you not watch one hour with me?”


Hours of Greatest Need - “You have given them Bread from Heaven”

We need regular adorers at each of the following hours below.
Men of Holy Trinity: we particularly need you to please consider spending an hour with Our Lord at a Late Night hour (ladies are welcome of course, but this is a special appeal for the men’s help):

Please contact John McCardell at or sign up via the Adoration Sign Up form below.

("it's 5 o'clock somewhere, how about spending it with Jesus?") .... I wouldn't say that, it's a little informal and wouldn't want it to come across as irreverent, but it just occurred to me that the "world" thinks about "Happy Hour" at 5pm on Fridays... how about the Happiest Hour anyone could ever have, spending time with Our Lord Jesus, Truly Present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?...

Mornings (6am - Noon):
6-7am Saturdays
7-8am Mondays
8-9am Fridays
11am-Noon Mondays & Wednesdays

Afternoons (Noon - 6pm):
12-1pm Wednesdays
1-2pm Thursdays
2-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays
3-4pm Fridays
4-5pm Mondays, Tuesdays
5-6pm Mondays

Evenings (6pm - Midnight):
6-7pm Wednesdays
7-8pm Fridays
10-11pm Mondays

Late Nights (Midnight - 6am):
11pm-Midnight: Sundays, Mondays
Mondays (i.e. very late Sunday night): 12am-1am, 4-5am, 5-6am
Tuesdays (i.e. very late Monday night) 1-2am, 4-5am
Wednesdays (i.e. very late Tuesday night) 12-1am, 1-2am, 2-3am, 3-4am
Thursdays (i.e. very late Wednesday night) 2-3am, 3-4am, 4-5am
Fridays (i.e. very late Thursday night) 12-1am, 2-3am
Saturdays (i.e. very late Friday night) 2-3am, 5-6am

We also need to fill Seven (7) Hourly / Division Coordinator Positions– responsible for “first line” coordination of adorers at their hour, communication with the adorers and occasional assistance in helping adorers find substitutes when both adorers are gone. Requires an email address and phone and proficiency in written/spoken English. We are in need of Adoration Coordinators for:

Division Coordinator: Evenings (6pm-midnight, assisting/backstopping the hourly coordinators)
Division Coordinator: Afternoons (12pm-6pm, assisting/backstopping the hourly coordinators)
4-5am (Mondays – Saturdays)
5-6am (Mondays-Saturdays)
9-10am (Mondays-Fridays)
11am-Noon (Mondays-Fridays)
4-5pm (Mondays-Fridays)
11pm-midnight (Sundays-Fridays)

Those open to serving as a Hourly Coordinator, no experience as an adorer or coordinator is required. Email access preferred. Submit the form below for more information on coordinator responsibilities.

Eucharistic Adoration Guidelines
Eucharistic Adoration - Finding Sub Coverage


Adoration Sign-Up

Please submit the form below for more information or to sign up for a regular weekly Holy Hour with our Lord. You may also contact John McCardell at

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