Ministries at Holy Trinity

There are numerous ministries, committees, social and support groups within Holy Trinity. We urge you to find out more about these ministries and identify a place where you can get involved. If you would like to start your own group, contact the Rectory at (703) 753-6700.

Adoration Society
Promotes personal growth in holiness through prayer and devotion to our Lord through Eucharistic Adoration. Adorers commit to making one Holy Hour a week with Our Lord in the Adoration Chapel . "Could you not watch just one hour with me (Mt. 26:40)?"

Contact: Pete Block

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Altar Boys
Assist the priest at the Masses and during liturgical functions such as Stations of the Cross and Eucharistic processions.

Contact: Call office for more information.

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Adult Faith Formation & RCIA
Provides ongoing faith formation for adults by organizing Parish Missions, guest speakers and pilgrimages. Directs a Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) process for those considering the Catholic Faith, those adults needing to complete their sacraments of initiation, and those interested in better understanding their faith.

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Altar Society

For more information, please call Mary Ellen VanderWoude: 703-594-3457.

Ambassadors of Mary
Diocesan-wide apostolate promoting devotion to Our Lord through His Blessed Mother by family prayer, and the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Conduct weekly visits to the homes of Catholic families and support devotions with prayers, processions, and conversations on the devotion to Our Lady.

Sign-up to have Holy Trinity's Ambassadors of Mary bring the Pilgrim Virgin Mary (PVM) to your home for one week!  Drop-off of the PVM is on a Saturday at ~2:30; the following Saturday, the Ambassadors of Mary will pick-up the PVM and take her to the next Holy Trinity parishioner's home.  Pick-up starts at ~1:30pm.

Both drop-off and pick-up lasts about 30 minutes and will include reciting the rosary.  Friends and family are invited to participate in this devotion to the Blessed Mother. The primary purpose of the home family visitation program is to bring families closer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for help in responding to the requests made by Mary during her apparitions at Fatima. The essence of Mary's requests is threefold: Return to God; Make reparation for sin; Pray the Rosary for Peace.

Contact: Call the office for more information.

American Heritage Girls
American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 in West Chester, Ohio by a group of parents wanting a wholesome program for their daughters. These parents were disillusioned with the increasing secular focus of existing organizations for girls. They wanted a Judeo-Christian focused organization for their daughters and believed that other parents were looking for the same for their daughters. This became the catalyst for the birth of the organization we have come to know as the American Heritage Girls.

American Heritage Girls began its first year of programming in the fall of 1995 with about 10 troops and roughly 100 members. Most of the troops met in the West Chester area and worked on badges written by the founding parents. Organizational events were started that year which assisted the organization in tying city-wide troops together.

American Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. The organization offers badge programs, service projects, girl leadership opportunities and outdoor experiences to its members.

This program of character building has successfully served thousands of girls since its inception and will continue to do so long into the 21st century. The founders of the American Heritage Girls and the volunteers of today give all credit for the success of AHG to God for His constant hand upon the organization and His unceasing blessings. At Holy Trinity American Heritage Girls meet on Thursday afternoons. We have several units serving girls of various ages.

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Baptism Classes

Contact: Christian Kleb, (703) 753-6700, ext 120

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Bible Studies
Bible Study (twice monthly)
Contact: Call the office for more information.

Walking With Purpose (women’s bible study)
Contacts: Christi Brox 703-216-8876, Leah Moran 703-944-4511, or HT WWP Email

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Book of the Month

Contact: Stephanie Passero, (703) 330-2226

Car Raffle

Contact: Monica Blank

Coffee & Donuts
Provides a forum for social interaction after each mass and to encourage parishioners to greet each other, welcome visitors and newcomers.

Contact: Knights of Columbus

Funeral Planning and Liturgy

Contact: 703-753-6700 Ext. 170

Knights of Columbus


Men: Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge?

Our communities need strong Catholic men to answer the call to lead with faith, protection of families, service to others and to defend our values. If you’re interested in growing in your faith, helping those in need, serving your parish and having exclusive access to top-rated insurance protection for your family, then the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you.

For over one hundred years, Knights of Columbus have done exactly that, standing up for the Church, serving the least among us, and strengthening our parishes and families. Becoming a Knight of Columbus can transform your life. We are a band of brothers, a network of men in communities around the world dedicated to doing good in the service of God and our neighbor. At Holy Trinity, Council 12982 promotes service through spiritual and social activities such as organizing blood, food and coat drives throughout the year, supporting crisis pregnancy centers in the area, adoration, praying the rosary as a group before our meetings, and supporting Holy Trinity Parish in many way such as its Annual Picnic, its March For Life effort, and putting on the its Lenten Fish Fry dinners.

Eligible Catholic men can now join the Knights of Columbus online in a simple, streamlined process. As a member, you join a worldwide community of nearly two million men, including tens of thousands here in Virginia, who stand together. Men have a duty to lead, protect, serve and defend. The world needs more committed, unified Catholic men to answer the call. Will you answer?

Visit to learn more about the many benefits of membership in the Knights of Columbus. To get more information about Our Lady of the Rosary Council, you can contact our Membership Chairman, Milt Johns, directly by clicking his contact link or click the 'Learn More' button to go to our Council Website.

Contact: Call the office for more information.

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Legion of Mary
Meets weekly to pray and conduct visits to new parishioners' homes and the nursing facility within our parish boundaries. There are groups for men, women and children.

- LOM Mon. 10:15am, House of Mercy     Terri Flay     (703) 507-1040
- LOM Wed. 7:00pm, Room 103 (Spanish)     Margarita Melquist    (703) 402-6855
- LOM Thur. 10:00am, Room 108     Erlinda de la Pena     (703) 304-6535
- LOM Thur. 4:30pm, Room 105     Kimberly Nguyen     (703) 898-7260
- LOM Thur. 4:30pm, (Grades 2-8) Room 201     Janet Dean     (703) 505-9321
- LOM Thur. 4:30pm (High School) Room 106     Don Bain     (703) 753-6700

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Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry provides support for marriages and organizes monthly date nights in Our Lady's Hall for married and engaged couples. The date nights include dinner, an engaging talk, and the opportunity to visit with other married couples. Date nights are 7:00-9:00pm on the third Saturday of each month (except December).

Contact: John and Erika Checco

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Mom’s Group
Moms' Group exists to provide spiritual, educational, and social support to all moms at Holy Trinity. The group helps members to fulfill their vocation as mothers and seeks to offer mothers a community within the church and an opportunity to be active in parish life. Moms’ Group sponsors a monthly meeting which features speakers, book discussions, and other activities in a social setting on topics of importance to Catholic mothers. Other activities include monthly playgroup meet-ups and meals for moms after the birth or adoption of a child.

Contact: Sue Ashman and Danielle Erwin

Money Counters

Contact: Annette Johnson, (703) 743-5181

Music Ministry
Provides music for the Masses and certain Liturgical events. Participants can choose to sing and/or play a musical instrument.

Contact:, (703) 753-6700, x109

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Natural Family Planning

baby2Have you ever thought about what unnatural birth control methods REALLY do to your body? To your marriage? Natural Family Planning through the Couple to Couple League has the answers and more. Attend a short course and learn a natural method of family planning that is safe, effective, and morally acceptable.

If you have taken NFP before, take a FREE refresher of the full NEW course! Course fee is $140 and includes all materials. Go to to register for the three-part course. Call or e-mail Dustin and Erin Atkinson with questions about the winter series (703/753-8537, Pre-registration is required. For other class times and locations, including the free Postpartum or Pre-menopausal classes go to

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Contact: Rosa Williams, (703) 357-7067
Prayer Tree
The Prayer Tree provides intercession to any and all in need. They may be members of our parish, another parish or not Catholic at all. If you know anyone at all in need of prayers, we're always here to help! Requests are taken over the phone or via email and then emailed to our members to be included in their daily prayers.

Contact: Sharon Cronan, (703) 791-6089 or email

Religious Education
Providing religious education for K-8.

Contact: Margi Loesel, (703) 753-6700, x116

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Respect Life Ministry
Promotes a culture of life in the parish and community at large through a combination of prayer, action, support for those in need, and education. Participates in the annual March for Life in Washington, DC.

Contact: Maggie Dvorak

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Supports the celebration of Mas, Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals and Confessions through the preparation of the altar, etc.
Samaritans (Outreach program for the needy)
The parish's outreach program for the poor and needy within our parish boundaries. Clients are helped financially and guided toward other available resources that may be of aid.

Contact: Rita Albright, (703) 753-6700

Sewing Ministry
Responsible for sewing bibs and stoles for recipients of the sacrament of Baptism and brown scapulars for the RCIA candidates. Also sews or repairs vestments and altar cloths. The Sewing Ministry meets the first Tuesday of the month from 10 am -12 noon in room 101. If you have any talents in these areas and are looking for a quiet way to help the church, this is the place for you. All are welcome. You do NOT need to know how to sew to be a part on this wonderful ministry.

Contact: Phyllis McLarney, 703-743-1336

Social Concerns & Newcomers

Provides services for the church community and promotes a sense of friendship within the parish. Welcomes new parishioners, provides temporary meals to those in need, supplies food to the local food banks and organizes the annual Christmas Giving Tree, Italian Night and Fun Run.

Contact: Wendy Cox, (703) 393-0096

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Spiritual Treasures Gift Shop
Provides religious articles, books and materials for purchase. Accommodates most special orders. If you would like to volunteer with the Gift Shop Ministry (either during open hours or behind-the- scenes work), please contact the Gift Shop Coordinator.

Gift Shop Hours of Operation:
The Gift Shop will be open at the following times:
Wednesday & Friday: After the 9:00 am & 12 noon Masses                                Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Saturday: After the 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm Masses
Sundays: After all the Sunday Masses

Gift Shop Coordinator: Dawn Filipowicz
Gift Shop Phone Number: 703-753- 6700 Ext. 139
Gift Shop Email Address:

Work to create a safe and reverent atmosphere during Masses, while providing logistical support to the Priests and other Liturgical Ministries. Maintain good order during Mass and facilitate the seating of parishioners, collection of donations and distribution of bulletins.

Usher and Greeter Charter
Usher and Greeter Procedure

Contact: Vincent Ingersoll

The word VIRTUS derives from Latin and means valor, moral strength, excellence, and worth. In ancient times, virtus denoted a way of life and manner of behavior that always aspired to the highest most positive attributes of human interaction.

With this in mind a program was introduced for adults to support the best manner of behavior for the Safety and Protection of Children. The policies of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington and we at Holy Trinity parish are committed to and have provided a Child and Safety and Protection program which include VIRTUS training and background authorization checks on all clergy, employees, and volunteers who have substantial contact with children in our parish.

We believe when you entrust Holy Trinity Catholic church with the well being of your children we strive to provide a caring, educating, and safe environment for those we are committed to serve and protect - our children.

Individuals who have not yet completed the background check and VIRTUS training process are welcome to request a complete background packet at the parish offices, or ask your ministry director/coordinator.

Visit VIRTUS Online for training session information and registration (see your Virtus background packet for instructions).

Contact: Call the office for more information.

The Vocations Committee of Holy Trinity Parish was formed to help assist those discerning God’s call to religious life. Another aim is to inform the community about various religious orders. The vocations director of the Parish works with other vocations directors in the diocese and also with the diocesan Office of Vocations to promote vocations throughout our family in faith. Our display of information can be seen regularly after the Sunday Masses. If you would like to help, have questions about the priesthood or religious life, or know of someone interested, please contact the Zambranas. Call Today to sign-up for the Vocation Chalice.

Contact: The Zambranas, (703) 754-0723

WAY - Women’s Apostolate to Youth
The Women's Apostolate to Youth (WAY) is an inter-generational lay Association of Christ's Faithful for Catholic women in the Diocese of Arlington. We take as our heavenly patroness and model of spiritual maternity the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Incarnate Love. Our spiritual mentors are Saints Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Therese of Lisieux, St. Edith Stein-- holy women whose lives and works offer perennially valid inspiration and guidance to women seeking an authentically Catholic and feminine form of spiritual practice.

Our Mission: The mission of WAY is to promote the spiritual well being of children and youth and to provide spiritual formation and moral support for women who are called to work in a variety of ministries dedicated to this end, whether as mothers, teachers and catechists, youth ministers, social workers or as relatives, godparents and friends. W.A.Y. recognizes that such women have their own particular spiritual needs and therefore seek to foster a helpful pattern of personal and communal spiritual practice as well as a philosophy of Christian formation that will be especially helpful in work with children and youth.

Our Meetings: We meet two Wednesdays a month at Holy Trinity, no commitment necessary.

Contact: Candice Lee Van Schaick

To visit our web site go to :

Wedding Liturgy
Young Adults Group

This ministry is centered on serving the spiritual and social needs of the young adults at Holy Trinity Parish, providing opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and Christ-centered conversation.

Contact: Call office for more information.

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Youth Ministry
High School and Junior High School Youth Ministry creates a transformative environment that leads young people into an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.

Contact: Paul Bevins, (703) 753-6700 x117

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