2019 February Parish Mission - Fr Casey

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2014 Holy Trinity Summer Series: “St. John Paul II”

Dignity of Women, Rev Tom Yehl

On the Christian Family, Seminarian Matthew Bean

HHS Mandate & Religious Freedom, Dr. Helen Alvara - Part 1

HHS Mandate & Religious Freedom, Dr. Helen Alvara - Part 2

Catholic Art and the Culture, Lou Bosco - Part 1

Catholic Art and the Culture, Lou Bosco - Part 2

2013 Summer Series “Cultural Hot Buttons”

Great Catholic Americans - Stephen Vaccaro

Is Gay Marriage Possible? Rev VanderWoude

War on Women - Rev Tom Yehl

Religious Liberty - Rev VanderWoude

Isn't it Time for Women Priests? Rev VanderWoude

Can Catholics Read the Bible Now? David Dufresne

I Don't Need to Go to Church to Be Close to God - Rev Tom Yehl

Parenting Talks

The 12 A's of Parenting, Fr. Peffley

How to Keep Your Kids Catholic, Fr. Peffley

Can you Hear Me Now? Communicating Tough Topics, Art Bennett

Creating a Catholic Home for your Children, Fr. Michael Sliney

Leading So They Will Follow - Greg Witherow

Your Child In A Media Age, Bill Gavin

Discipline Do's and Don'ts, Dr. Lisa Klewicki

Parenting Talk by Fr. Wooton

Barbara Curtis Talk to Homeschooler, Part 1 - 3

How to Prepare Your Child for the Sacraments, Fr. Peffley

History of the Catholic Church Series, Jim Drennan

Part 1: Background to Church History: the Roman World

Part 2: Jesus Christ and the Founding of the Church

Part 3: The Early Christians

Part 4: Persecution of "The Way"

Part 5: The Church Fathers and Heresies

Part 6: Light in the Dark Ages

Part 7: Conversion of The Barbarian Tribes

Part 8: Iconoclasm, The Carolingian Renaissance and the Great Schism

Part 9: Collapse, Corruption and Reform in Europe and the Church

Part 10: The Crusades, Military Orders and the Inquisition

Part 11: The High Middle Ages; Scholastic Development and the Flowering of Culture

Part 12: A Century of Suffering- Plague, War and Schism

Part 13: The Renaissance

Part 14: The Reformation: Protestant and Catholic

Part 15: The Wars on Religion

Part 16: Exploration and Missionary Movements

Part 17: The Church and the Age of Enlightenment

Part 18: The French Revolution & Napoleon

Part 19: Age or Revolution and Emergency of Nationalism

Part 20: The Church Gives Witness In Wars and Revolutions

Fr. Shelton on John Newman

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6