Fulfillment of the Ancient Biblical Prophesies - Salvatore Ciresi


Theology of the Body in Prayer - Gerard Marie Anthony

Presentation by Sr Maria Stella Whitter, Russia

Presentation by Wally Covington & Betty Childers

Eucharistic - The Mercy of Christ, The Penetrator of Darkness - Fr. Crotty

Jesus the Healer - The Sower of Hearts in the Eucharist - Fr. Crotty

The Liturgy as Prayer of Deliverance in the Power of the Eucharist - Fr. Crotty

Healing Mass; Talk on Jesus in the Eucharist - The Sender of the Spirit - Fr. Crotty

The Coming of a New Era: The Father's Kingdom in Our Souls - Thomas Fahy

Christian Leadership Retreat - Fr. Peffley

Past: Forgiveness and Mercy - Sr Joseph Andrew

Present: Sanctifying the Moment - Sr Joseph Andrew

Future: Hope's Fulfillment - Sr Joseph Andrew

Remembering: With Mary and John Paul the Great - Sr Joseph Andrew

The Divine Hole in Our Hearts - Sr Joseph Andrew

Sunday Homily Fr. Jose Viola Alliance of the Holy Family International

Eucharistic Family Rosary Crusade

The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist - Msgr. Stuart Swetland

One Doctor’s Journey to Healing and Wholeness: My Conversion Story - Dr. Bruchalski

Michelangelo's Vatican Pieta: Homage to the Eucharist - Nora Hamerman


Five Keys to a Personal Relationship with Jesus & How to Listen as God Speaks - Father Bill McCarthy, MSA

What God is Doing is Creating Family His Way & the ABC's of Relationships - Father Bill McCarthy, MSA

Healing, Reconciliation and Evangelization - Father Bill McCarthy, MSA

Mental Prayer & Lectio Divina - Jim Morgan

Intro: Conversion of Protestant Ministers to Catholicism, Fr. Peffley Homily 9/11

Letter & Spirit, Guest Speaker - Scott Hahn

Hail Holy Queen, Guest Speaker - Scott Hahn

Hope for Hard Times, Guest Speaker - Scott Hahn

Inside Mary's House in Ephesus - Erin von Uffell, DM & Larraine Fusaro, Sr. Marie de Mandat-Grancey Foundation

God's Most Wanted: 'Salty' Disciples - Sr Sheila Galligan

Heroic Witnesses - Sr Maria Stella Whitter

What Happens Next? Fr Groeschel

Donut Man - First Holy Communion

Communicating in Marriage - Mary Meade

God's Love & Prayer - Fr. Larry Richards

Love of Others - Fr. Larry Richards

Passion of Christ and the Need for Confession - Fr. Larry Richards

Adoration and Healing - Fr. Larry Richards

Second Anniversary Dedication - Fr. Peffley

From Mormon to Catholic: How the Eucharist Made Me Catholic - Steve Clifford

Building a Culture of Life - Fr Peter West


The Bones of Saint Peter, Dr. Joseph Strada

Seven Qualities of a Happy Marriage - Fr. Peffley

Fr. Aeden McGrath's talk at Mount Saint Mary's seminary about his life in China as spiritual director of Legion of Mary, 1991

Exorcism and the Church Militant: Catholic Answers Live - Fr. Euteneuer

Patrician Talk on Ghosts - Diane Hattler

The Spiritual Power of Women - Robin Maas

Mother Teresa's Lessons of Love and Holiness, Susan Conroy

The Legion of Mary as a Maker of Saints - Fr. Peffley

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Fr. Peffley

The Real Presence of Christ - Fr. Peffley

Holy Communion and True Devotion to Mary - Fr. Peffley

The Sign of Jonah - Fr. Peffley

Ten Easy Ways to Become a Saint - Fr. Peffley

Rosary, Joyful Mysteries Prayed at the Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary (Feast of the Annunciation)

50 Ways to Evangelize and Catechize Your Parish - Fr. Peffley

Discipline - Fr. Peffley

Rob Evans, Donut Man, Conversion Story

True Devotion to Mary - Fr. Lendacky

Responding to the Spirit in your Soul - Fr. Nieli

Responding to the Spirit in the Church - Fr. Nieli

Responding to the Spirit in the World - Fr. Nieli

The Value of Daily Mass and Holy Communion - Fr. Peffley

The Value of Suffering - Fr. Peffley

Seven Ways the Legion Helps Us Grow in Holiness - Fr. Peffley

Saint Louis de Montfort and True Devotion to Mary - Fr. Peffley

Ten Easy Ways to Become a Saint - Fr. Peffley

The Miraculous Medal-A Marian Catechism - Fr. Peffley

Saint John Bosco


How Men Can Be Better Leaders at Work and in Our Culture - Dr. John Bruchiski

The History of the Legion - Fr. Peffley

Being a Catholic in America in 2008 - Fr. Richard Gill

What Women Want – and Only They Can Do - Fr. Richard Gill

Catholic Men: Time to Grow Up and Lead - Fr. Richard Gill

Vocations - Fr. Bashista

Bishop John Magee

The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse, Laraine Bennett

Part 1, My Life With Three Popes - Bishop Magee

Part 2, My Life With Three Popes - Bishop Magee