Sunday Homilies

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All Souls Day

Affection for Christ

Anointing of the Sick

Ascension, The

Assumption, The

Beatitudes in Saint Luke

Baptism of the Lord

Catholic Apologetics

Christ the King

Cleansing of the Temple

Corpus Christi

Cost of Discipleship

Crucifix, The

Curing of Paralytic

Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope John Paul II

Easter Vigil


Eucharistic Miracles


Father's Day

Feast of the Holy Trinity

Following Christ


Four Gospels

Good Samaritan


Heaven & Hell and Reality of our Judgement


Holy Family

Immaculate Conception

John, Chapter 6

Lamb of God

Lazarus & Rich Man

Love One Another

Man Born Blind

Ministry Sunday

Miracles of the Bible

Most Holy Trinity

Mother's Day

Palm Sunday

Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

Parable of the Rich Fool

Pentecost Sunday

Persevere in Prayer

Perspective Thinking


Pray With Perseverance

Prodigal Son

Proof of the Resurrection

Respect Life Sunday

Rich Fool

Rich Young Man

Sacred Heart

Sower and the Seed


Stigmata, The

Suffering, The Meaning of

The Temple of Jerusalem


The Ten Lepers

Walking on Water

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Woman Caught in Adultery

Woman at the Well

Year of the Priesthood