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"Educating is the art of helping young people to completeness."
- Father Basil Moreau

"Holiness is not limited to the sanctuary or to moments of private prayer...
holiness is achieved in the midst of the world."
- The Bishops' pastoral letter on the economy

One of the prime duties of each Parish is to educate. Holy Trinity Catholic Church believes that learning each day about your faith can help you deepen your faith. We have a duty to the Church to be educated apologists. Young or old we ask you to spend time each day reading a little more about our faith, by reading the Bible, studying the Catechism, studying the lives of the saints or other spiritual writings you can grow in your faith through continued education.

The Catholic Faith:
What & Why We Believe

Where does the bible talk about Purgatory? How about Confession? Why do we baptize our newborns? Are we assured of salvation? Why is tradition so important?

Catholic Beliefs: Bible References
Catholic Teachings A-Z

Catholic Bible Answers
by Rev. H.T. Burke

Learning the Catholic Faith
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