Bethlehem Walk 2019

Friday    |    05:00 PM - 08:00 PM (20/12/2019) , Duration: 02:00 Place: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Mark your planners! Join us for Bethlehem Walk on Thursday, December 19th and Friday, December 20st from 5pm-8pm at Holy Trinity. Our guests travel back in time and meet the Jewish families who have been called back to Bethlehem for the census. You will experience the bustle of this tiny town, meet King Herod, the three Magi, and hear the glorious call of the angels who bring us tidings of great joy! Discover the simplicity and humble circumstances under which our Lord entered human history. This is a FREE family event and appropriate for all ages.

Parishioners of Holy Trinity! We need your help to present this wonderful gift to our community. Please check out all the areas in which help is needed and see if there is some place you want to join in the fun 🙂

We are in need of bakers. No need to make anything fancy, but we need COOKIES and lots of them:

We are in need of odds and ends refreshments for the booths that serve our guests treats along their journey:

We are in need a folks who can help with the set up which starts on 12/19:

Many hands make light work and the take-down is not for the faint-of-heart! Can you join us on 12/21? We have a blast, but it is hard physical labor:

Do you have a pet-able bunny? One that is truly tolerant of lots of attention? Please contact Margi Loesel for details:

Have you had a baby since 8/15/19 or are you expecting a baby before 12/10/19? Perhaps you would enjoy the honor of being the Holy Family and allow your infant to be the Star of Bethlehem Walk. Costumes provided. Blankets and heat are provided. This is a short 45 minute commitment and you get a great parking space and you get to go to the front of the line after your shift 🙂 Please contact Margi Loesel for more details.

Lastly would your FAMILY like to dress up in a costume and play the part of one of the citizens of Bethlehem. This is not for families with toddlers. It is a long shift, and it is tiring but LOTS of fun. Costumes are provided. If you think your family has what it takes, please contact Margi Loesel at