Staying Connected During the Virus Outbreak

Schedule Updates | Holy Trinity YouTube Channel for Live Masses and Devotions
Beginning May 29, 2020 we will offer public Masses. We will go back to our former schedule for weekdays and weekends. (The one exception will be a 6:30am Sunday Mass instead of 7:00am. This change will allow for cleaning between Masses.)

Please know the Bishop still extends the dispensation from Sunday obligation at Mass for all Catholics in our diocese. Also, if we are feeling sick, have a fever, sore throat and/or cough, we are strongly encouraged not to come to Mass or the church.

We may only enter through the main front doors. Ushers will need to seat people. Please be patient as you enter the church. Non-family members should maintain six feet distance from each other upon entering, in pews and upon exiting the church. Every other pew will be kept empty.

Holy Communion will be similar yet different than a normal Sunday Mass. In short, each section will receive at a time; only one line to/from Holy Communion. When a section is finished, the next section will approach the priest for Holy Communion. Our goal is that people do not cross paths walking to/from Holy Communion. Again, please be patient and follow the guidance of our ushers. It will take time – good opportunity for recollected prayer! Only priests will distribute Holy Communion. Recall that we will have 91% rubbing alcohol to purify our fingers during Holy Communion.

Adoration - You must continue to sign up for Adoration in advance and there may never be more than 10 people in the church/chapel at a time.
Adoration in Chapel Friday 10pm - Monday 1pm: all weekend
Adoration in Church Monday - Friday 1pm - 10pm
Adoration in Chapel Monday - Friday 10pm - 1pm

Thank you again to all of you who have helped, and continue to do so in the parish. It has been humbling once again. God bless, FRVW

Welcome to Holy Trinity Catholic Church!

On behalf of our priests and entire parish family, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. Holy Trinity serves the communities of Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket and Nokesville. We have a strong religious education program for children and adults, social outreach program, Mom’s group, Men’s groups, family and youth activities.

Sincerely in Christ, Father Vander Woude

Catholic new to the area?
If you are Catholic and new to the area, we invite you to register with the parish so we may serve you more effectively. I.e. if you need to obtain a sponsor certificate to be a godparent you need to have been registered in the parish for three months prior. The registration form is online, in the back of the Narthex or at the parish office.
Inactive Catholic?
If you are an inactive Catholic, we invite you to come back home. We welcome you to rediscover this beautiful Faith that Jesus Christ founded on Peter and his Apostles. May you experience Our Personal Lord’s love, mercy, peace and joy!
Married outside the church?
If you have been married outside the Church, our priests and deacons are more than willing to help you receive the Sacrament of Matrimony,  an important step to receiving the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist!
Not Catholic?
If you are not Catholic and would like to explore the Catholic Faith, please feel free to contact us online or call the parish office at (703) 753-6700!